1223 Parking


Dedicated to the service industry, 1223 Parking Inc. takes great pride in establishing itself as a leading valet company devoted to hospitality. Our commitment to service resonates through our reliable and professional staff, high-quality signage as well as strong onsite management.

Our goal is to further compliment the services your guests receive from your establishment; treated with the same care and respect they would receive from you.

We are locally managed and insured. We pride ourselves on excellent, personalized service.

1223 Parking, Inc. is a fully insured and licensed Professional valet service specializing in servicing all residential, business, and commercial parking needs.

Why Choose Us?

Deciding whether or not your business needs a valet parking service can be confusing. Although such services are generally found outside restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs many other businesses can benefit from offering their clients complimentary valet parking.

1223 Parking will make it easier for guests to arrive on time for functions held in high traffic areas where parking can be a problem as they will not have to waste precious time trying to find a proper parking spot. 1223 Parking will favorably impress all of your clients, associate, friends, and colleagues.

1223 Parking will also keep order in front of your event. You will not clutter the street up with too many cars all trying to park in the same places. 1223 Parking will give you peace of mind and will ensure that your event is regarded as a prestigious function.