Molly’s Restaurant & Pub

Looking for a taste of the Emerald Isle in the heart of Sarasota? Look no further than Molly’s Restaurant & Pub! This cozy Irish pub features all the traditional favorites you know and love, from hearty stews and savory shepherd’s pies to crispy fish and chips and perfectly poured pints of Guinness.

But that’s not all Molly’s has to offer. If you’re a whiskey lover, you won’t want to miss the tasting room, where you can sample a variety of fine Irish whiskeys and learn about the history and production of this beloved spirit.

Of course, no Irish pub would be complete without music, and Molly’s delivers with live performances from local musicians and traditional Irish sessions. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or a cozy spot to enjoy a pint and some hearty fare, Molly’s is the perfect destination. Sláinte!

History of Molly’s Irish Pub

If you have ever been to Dublin, Ireland, you would certainly recognize the Molly Malone statue!
Molly Malone is a figure from Irish folklore who became one of the most well-known symbols of Dublin.
The old song about her “Cockles and Mussels” is sort of the unofficial anthem of Dublin… goes something like this…

 “In Dublin Fair City Where the girls are so pretty I first see my eyes of sweet Molly Malone”.
Oh, so pretty, she is our sweet Molly Malone! Molly was born on June 3,1945 as Mary Ann Malone. She quickly inherited the nickname Molly from her family as a tribute to Ireland’s famous Molly Malone. This large, fun-loving family would have sensational parties. Veronica, Molly’s mother, would play the piano for hours while everyone would sing and dance.. especially little Molly! She was adored by her family and continues to shine her cheerful light on everyone she meets! Especially her 4 children, 9 grandchildren and the love of her life for over 55 years, Steve! When you can’t find Molly here at the Pub, you will find her on the golf course where she has amassed 5 holes in one.